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6 / 10

Komal cries relentlessly after causing embarrassment to the entire family. Kamla tries to express fake concern for Komal and later Komal feels bad when Raghuveer refuses to talk to her. Later, Jamuna calls up Komal but Komal does not inform her mother of the situation that she had just faced. Later, as Lucky and Rana are busy in the ring, a man from the sports federation meets Raghuveer and asks him to send a member from their 'akhada' for a six month sports camp that is to take place in a different state. When Raghuveer informs Rana and Lucky about the same, Rana starts praying as he does not want to leave Pinkie for six months. At the same time, Lucky believes that his father will not let him leave for six months. However, the two of them end up surprised when Raghuveer decides to send Lucky for the camp. Watch Badho Bahu to know what happens next.