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6 / 10

Komal receives a warm farewell and she leaves along with Lucky for his place. Meanwhile, Pragya decides to have her revenge against Komal as she remembers the insult that she had to face in front of all the guests. As per the rituals, Malti fills two 'kalash' with rice grains but Pragya empties the 'kalash' that is to be used for Komal's 'gruhapravesh'. Meanwhile, the other rituals are conducted and finally, Raghuveer informs Komal and Pinki that they now belong to the new town where their husbands stay. At Komal's house, Jamuna and Payal miss Komal and start crying while Payal's son wishes to speak to her aunt. Will Pragya succeed in her intentions of having revenge? Watch Badho Bahu to know more.