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6 / 10

Komal, sees Vimla, Payal and Jamuna crushing the 'haldi'. But finding them to be too slow, Komal decides to help them and surprises them by completing the task in a jiffy. Later, the 'haldi' ritual begins and as the families settle down, Lucky makes up his mind to not have the ritual with Komal. Lucky seems to be ready with a plan to cancel his ongoing marriage rituals with Komal. By now, Kamla goes inside to find out about the expenditures of the two families. She gets surprised to learn that Pinki's family has spent far too much compared to Komal's family. Meanwhile, Komal presents a gift to Margaery and refers to her as her friend. Seeing this, Margaery gets emotional and feels that she is doing wrong by planning to stop her marriage with Lucky. Watch the entire episode of Badho Bahu to know more.