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6 / 10

Raghuveer Singh reaches the camp on time and submits the form for the nomination of the 'Sarpanch'. However, he shocks everyone when he nominates his elder brother in place of Viren, who was supposed to be the one to be nominated. While Viren's mother Savitri gets furious with Raghuveer for betraying their trust, Raghuveer reveals that it was Viren, who had been betraying his trust all this while. Raghuveer's men bring forward Viren's brother, who was using his positition for certain wrong acts. Seeing Raghuveer laying accusations on Viren, Komal requests him to let Viren defend himself. Viren walks straight towards his brother and slaps him in front of everyone. Viren's brother confesses that he was the one misusing his position and also adds that Viren had no hand in the same. Although Raghuveer realizes that he had misunderstood Viren, he adds that Viren now cannot be nominated for the position of 'Sarpanch' as the forms will not be collected anymore. Watch Badho Bahu to know more.