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6 / 10

Vimla arrives at Badho's place with boxes full of sweets. But before handing over the boxes to Payal, she mocks Komal for losing on another marriage proposal due to her weight. Meanwhile, Lucky meets Jagan and is surprised to learn that he has been rejecting girls for his marriage. Later, Payal loses her temper on Vimla and supports Komal before her. Later, Raghuveer arranges a meeting between Jagan's family and Viren, with the hope that they can discuss on a land that Viren wants to purchase. However, Viren ends up furious with Jagan for his behavior towards Komal during the previous day. Viren's mother goes on to explain the entire matter to Raghuveer and also adds that Viren is interested in marrying Komal. Watch the entire episode of Badho Bahu to know more.