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6 / 10



8 seasons

Aanandham- is the story of life.?é?áThe patriarch of this story-Mr.Radhakrishnan, is an?é?áindustrialist.?é?áHis?é?álife essentially revolves around his wife Rajeswari and his four children.?é?áMadhan is his eldest son. Well settled and comfortably well off, he stays with his parents and wife Abirami. Abirami is the heartbeat of the family.?é?áAnarchetypal daughter-in-law who tries to stay in control. Karthick, is Radhakrishnan's second son and the main protagonist of Aanandham.?é?áHe is the army man, away from home and also the most eligible bachelor in town. Abirami, the daughter-in-law hopes to get him married to her younger sister Ramya. Two daughters complete this picture perfect family. Anitha?é?áis daddy's pet and goes about with an attitude that stings.?é?áSwathi is Miss Goody Two Shoes. Anitha and Swathi are both ready to tie the knot and the father is busy looking out for eligible grooms. Karthick's visit is eagerly awaited and the family is overjoyed when they hear from him.?é?áThe entire family prepares for Karthick and even decides to get him engaged to Ramya.?é?áTheir joy, though is short lived. Karthick comes home as a married man with his wife Karthick and a 3 year old daughter. The family is shattered and finds it difficult to accept the new?é?ádaughter-in-law.?é?áMore so, when they learn that she is a war widow and her marriage to Karthick is all of three month old. Shanthi's entry into the household upsets the congenial bonding that exists in the house and the family puts her through great humiliation.?é?áShe's harassed by Abirami and her sister Ramya who treat her like an intruder and scheme together to show her in poor light. How Shanthi weaves herself into the family with her good nature and gets accepted by the entire family and how she changes their life positively forms the crux of this story. This serial depicts war on many levels.?é?áOn one level, there's the actual war, with soldiers battling for peace.?é?áOn the other level, there's Shanthi, fighting for her identity.?é?áOn the third level, there's the family that is fighting to come to terms with the changes that surround their otherwise predictable life.But like all wars, this one also comes to an end and alters the equation to a life lived happily ever after.?é?áThere's only Aanandham at the end.