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13 - Fear is Real

6 / 10



4 seasons

Are you afraid of the dark? Are you Phasmophobic? Do you get scared with the thought of flying high? Every person has a certain phobia in life - small or big. When fears become so severe that they cause tremendous anxiety and interfere with normal life, they are called Phobias. Identifying and facing the deepest, darkest fear is one way of getting over the phobia. Anchor, Akul Balaji hosts the new show titled - '13 - Fear is Real'. This show promises to capture common fear of celebrities and challenges them to perform task involving that particular fear. The show is said to touch upon 13 different types of fear viz. Darkness, Paranormal, Heights, Water, Animals, Fast moving vehicles etc. One fear will be touched upon in every episode. The celebrity guests will compete against each other and the one emerging through the challenges will win prize money. During the show, the participant's fear, reactions and emotions, will be captured. During the season's episodes, audience can get to see their favorite celebrity on screen, face their fears and can expect tasks performed under very high expectations. This will be an 'Edge of the Seat' experience for the viewers.