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6 / 10




"Prem Kapoor (Rohit Roy) is an orphan and lives with his grandfather (Ashok Kumar). His parents had passed away when he was a child and his grandfather holds himself responsible for the mishap, as he had not paid attention to his astrologer who had warned him at the time. Prem is in love with Pooja (Suman Ranganathan) but his grandfather refuses to their marriage when his astrologer tells him that Pooja will murder her husband within a year of their marriage. Pooja marries another man, Pratap Burman and the prediction comes true when she kills his family and almost kills him too. Prem, a lawyer, must now find out was there any truth in the prediction and why did Pooja murder those people."

Ashim S. Samanta

Rakhi, Sharad Kapoor, Suman Ranganathan, Rohit Roy